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Are you struggling to create your budget?

Stop wondering what to put in your budget and get your FREE Checklist to make sure that next time you won't miss a thing!
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BeUtiful Dreams is about partnering with you to turn your financial dreams into reality

-Sharitmary Velázquez

Is Financial Coaching right for you?

 I am here to help you!

That includes finding out if you even need my help in the first place. So, here are 3 simple Yes or No questions to answer and 3 ways I can help you.

1. Do you have dreams that you would like to turn into reality, but your finances are in the way?

If your answer is yes, I help you create a financial plan that can get there.

If your answer is no that is great! Start turning your dreams into reality

2. Do you get paid but somehow don't know where the money is going?

If your answer is yes, I help you create a budget where you can Be U and succeed financially.

If your answer is no and you know exactly where every dollar is going, that is amazing! Keep doing your thing!

3. Do you feel overwhelmed because you owe "people" money?

If your answer is yes, I don't only include this in your financial plan and budget, but I also help you start your journey to become debt free.

If your answer is no, I congratulate you!

Answered YES to at least 1 question?

Don't worry I know that starting a new journey to reach your dreams can be scary and exciting all together. But I promise you that the scary starts to fade away and full-on excitement, drive and focus kicks in. In order for the scary to fade away you need to take the first step and ask questions. That's why I provide a FREE up to 20 minutes session. All you have to do now is click the button below and schedule your FREE zoom meeting so we can talk a little more.

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What Clients Say:

"Girl, I wanted to let you know I have over $1,000 saved already and I paid off my credit cards. Thank you for your advice it really did open my eyes!"

I'm Sharitmary Velazquez...

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I am the founder and financial coach of BeUtiful Dreams. My financial journey started in 2014 out of pure necessity to adapt in order to survive. But the survivor in me didn't push away the dreamer in me. I knew that there had to be a way for my dreams to become a reality while being ME, just a better version of Me. It is my hope to be able to help you with your finances so that you can BE U but a version of you that's ready to turn your beautiful dreams into reality, 



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