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I'm Sharitmary Velazquez.

I am the founder and financial coach of BeUtiful Dreams. My financial journey started in 2014 out of pure necessity to adapt in order to survive. But the survivor in me didn't push away the dreamer in me. I knew that there had to be a way for my dreams to become a reality while being ME, just a better version of Me. It is my hope to be able to help you with your finances so that you can BE U but a version of you that's ready to turn your beautiful dreams into reality, 

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My Story

   Before I ever imagined of starting my own business as a financial coach, I was just a young woman who loved to dream. I dreamed about financial freedom. I dreamed about having a big house with many little ones running around and being able to have a secure future for them. I dreamed about helping people. But they were all just dreams with no foundation, no plan for them to become reality. 

   That was until one day in 2014 I found myself married to my husband for a year and a half, and 6 months pregnant with our first born when unfortunately, my husband lost his job. We had no savings, big bills and debt that kept growing (over 40K). We barely had money for groceries! This was the season where I realized that if I wanted us to survive, we needed a plan, a financial plan to get out and a budget that will help us to execute the plan. 

It wasn't easy. It took work, it took me hours of learning, months of trial and error but we did it!

  What once was a survival tool for 3 years turned into a tool for dreaming with

a plan. In 2017 I created a 5-year plan to be completely debt free by 2022 and

buy a house by end of 2022 or beginning 2023. At almost 9 years of marriage

and 2 little boys later, we can say we're seeing most of those dreams become

reality. Yes, most of the dreams, the financially free dream, the house dream,

the helping people and stable future for our children. Dreams becoming reality.  


 We adjusted and adapted as life happened but in 2020, we put our focus into

high gear and paid over $20k of debt becoming debt free right before the new

year. In 2021, we became first time homeowners! Now our dreams are bigger

and we're looking forward to sharing those with you.

   There are many stories untold in between these lines but this is who I am and why I believe that with the right financial plan your dreams can become your reality too.

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Que mas? (What more?)

Now I know that my story might not be enough so here's a little more.

  • Berkeley College, 2013, Associate Business Administration

  • Financial Coach Master Training Certification

  • Creating a spending plan/ budget

  • Pay off credit card debt

  • Pay off collection debt

  • Reaching short and long-term saving goals 

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